Light the Darkness with NAMI

One in five families in the United States knows the devastating impact of mental illness. It is a topic that is rarely discussed and often stigmatized. That’s why Flowers For Dreams has chosen NAMI Chicago as our October charity of the month.

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Farm Profile: Brightflower Farm

Located in Stockton, IL, is Brightflower Farm—one of our wholesale growers. With only a handful of employees, owners Jeanie McKewan and Michael Staver grow about 200,000 stems of flowers and succulents, supplying to grocery stores, designers, and markets throughout Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee.

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Farm Profile: The Roof Crop

The Roof Crop was founded in 2013 by Molly Meyer and Tracy Boychuk during a residential project. The two recognized in each other a love of “greening” the urban environment and joined forces to create a partnership between their companies, Omni Ecosystems and Runner Collective.

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Farm Profile: Mayneland Farms

Mayneland Farm is a 15-acre farm in Naperville, IL. In operation since 1976, owner Jeremy Mayne has been running the farm since 1980. Spring through Fall, Mayneland’s farm stand is open daily, keeping the community stocked on fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey, and berries. And of course, flowers!  

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